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ByeByePet - say goodbye your way

Award Winning Product

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Say goodbye your way: creatively, lovingly and sustainably

Help a child through the difficult process of loosing a pet. ByeByePet lets kids decorate this box, fill it with memories, and use it to bury their pet in a special way. Create a ritual and let your kid feel good about a last thing that they can do for their favorite animal, besides creating a life long, positive, memory. The box is made of recycled heavy paper and is biodegradable.

ByeByePet is the creation of Dutch product designer Toon Welling, winning a Special Award in the prestigious Hema-ontwerpwedstrijd (Hema Design Contest), a Dutch national design competition for students sponsored by one of the Netherlands’ leading department stores. The theme of that year’s contest — Journeys — inspired Toon to create this highly original and memorable design.




How to use ByeByePet:
ByeByePet can be used any way you and your family want. Bury your pet in the box or keep it as a treasure chest of pet mementoes. Decorate the box inside and out with markers or paint, apply stickers or colored ribbons, paste on photographs or drawings, or just print your pet’s name in beautiful letters. Relive your favorite moments by depicting them in words or images. Add animal toys and snacks, a blanket, a note, or flowers to keep your pet company.

Share your memories:

ByeByeBlog http://byebyepet.org >
A place to share your images, memories, drawings, videos, and collages as a tribute to your lost pet.
See the lovely idea on the left.

New York Times, Oct. 2011
Preserving Memories of Pets, and Then Some >
- By Anna Jane Grossman

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